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Lib Dem Group at Manifesto Launch 2023

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Teignbridge District Council, Town and Parish Councils Local elections May 4th 2023

On Thursday May 4th 2023 Liberal Democrat candidates were elected across the district and have formed a majority administration on Teignbridge District Council.

We are busy putting plans in place to implement our manifesto for Teignbridge - you can download our Manifesto here building a modern community powered council

In the last four years Liberal Democrats have made a big difference at Teignbridge including; decarbonising council buildings and our leisure centres - saving significantly on energy bills, building new council houses - well insulated and cheap to heat, improving our parks and open spaces, planting trees and wilflower beds, and a new draft local plan that both protects Teignbridge from speculative developers and introduces new climate change measures that developers will have to follow.

But there is much more to do.

Thank you for support the Lib Dems on May 4th. Now we can continue improving the council, tackling climate change and build more new modern warm and affordable council homes.

Liberal Democrats see the best in things. We celebrate diversity - and nonconformity and if something isn't working we try to fix it or we fight for reform. We are committed to representing local people and making sure your voices are heard.

"Changing Britain's Future: no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity"
Liberal Democrat Constitution

Local Lib Dem News and Views

Reshuffle, Reset, but just more of the same…

A reshuffle of Government bringing back David Cameron could either be that no-one in the existing set of Conservative MPs was considered good enough to be fulfil this great office of state, or that the failed former Prime Minister is the best they have...

23 Nov 2023

Party Conference Season

Party Conference season is a strange time of year. This year more than ever with a general election due next year. The Lib Dem conference had a focus on investing in our health service. Access to a GP and early intervention is vital...

10 Oct 2023

UK Lib Dem news

Photo of Lib Dem leader Ed Davey in front of poster van. Poster van reads "Ed Davey's Tory Removals" "Vote Liberal Democrat" A large arrow with the words "Time's up" points to an image or Rishi Sunak outside 10 Downing Street.
Latest UK News

Ed Davey's Tory Removal Service

Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey has unveiled a new ‘Tory Removal Service’ campaign poster, as he announces a new plan to force a General Election and stop Rishi Sunak clinging on to power.

3 Jan 2024